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SE Locksmith : 24 hour Emergency Service in South East London Email: [email protected] Call now ( 24hr available ) : 07830431343 07830431343

There are several reasons why you can get locked out of your own house or business. Many people consider a lockout an exception or a special situation. Well, just so you know, plenty of Britons get locked out every day and they are calling us to get inside. Therefore, tenants, landlords, or property owners may face an unplanned lockout from time to time and they need to be prepared.

Many times, a lockout comes with no warnings whatsoever. The reasons are plenty but not all door locks are made to last forever. At the end of the day, it’s just a security system and it can get faulty while it’s being used. But a good lock will be more likely to keep you out of a situation like this.

Lockouts are normal in London

Getting locked out of your house is not an unusual thing in London. The British Standard system of the door was made to protect you. Many of our clients are from other parts of the world and are not used to the English doors mechanisms but, no worries, it happens to British people as well. So, yes, we all know about those night latches that are shutting the door after you when you just wanted to pick up the mail or a paper. More than that, we’ve got many calls from people that got locked out while wearing only a bathrobe and nothing else. And they’ve got no key, no phone, no money. Or just locked themselves out for a silly reason. A lockout can happen in all types of situations and we think we’ve seen them all.

So, if you are reading this while you are locked outside, rest assured you’re not the only one. More than that, many other people in London are in the exact same situation right now and they are waiting for a locksmith to get to their address to open the door for them. Keep calm and think about solutions. Your problem can be solved and it’s not that rare as you might’ve thought when you’ve realized you’re out with no key in the first place.

You can get locked out. It happens

Many property owners have encountered lockouts at some point or another. Almost everyone has experienced at least one residential lockout while living in the UK. The important part now is how you treat this situation. You can either let it ruin your day while trying to open the door by yourself or you can just solve it quickly. Ask an expert to come and he will take care of everything for you.

Every door is different and has different types of locks installed by default or by a previous owner. So, there’s no general lock opening ,,recipe” we can just type it here, that will work for absolutely every lock. That’s why, when you are locked out, only a specialist can determine what type of lock you have inside and how you can gain access quicker.

A locksmith works a lifetime to achieve these skills and to reach this level of expertise. So, there’s a reason why he can open a door in maybe 10 minutes – he has practiced a lot. Of course, practice makes you better and faster in your job.

So, an unexperimented person might waste a full day while trying to open a door and there’s a big chance to fail anyway. We’ve heard about handymen that are trying to solve the door by themselves and they end up doing more harm than good. And, in the end, the locksmith has to open a damaged door – a process that is usually more complicated and costs more. So, why risk a higher bill at the end, while trying to save some money with an unprofessional contractor when you can simply call a locksmith and keep it simple? Just call when it happens and don’t wait until it’s too late.

Most common reasons to get locked out

Failing to pay attention to the status of your door locks can have some very serious consequences. You can be locked out at any time if you don’t try to observe some details. Doing so will help you avoid any unnecessary costs. Here are the things you should be on the lookout for:

  • Wrong fresh lock installation
  • The use of cheap products with no security or levers
  • Key broke into lock
  • Wear and tear: A lock that has been used for more than 3 year need to be inspected by professionals. We recommend you to schedule front door mentanance regularly.
  • Lock keeps spinning while turning the key into the lock. So, if you insert the key and the entire lock cylinder turns, then it usually points to a damaged set screw or a loose set screw. 

Door lock problems can be a burden, but they really shouldn’t be if they are tackled expediently and efficiently. You can try to avoid a lockout only by paying attention to details and being vigilant. But never hesitate to contact a professional locksmith if you need the help. Neglecting to do so could lead to more lock damage, rather than having the matter resolved efficiently.

You Can Get Locked Out Anytime
You Can Get Locked Out Anytime

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