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Change Door Lock

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Lock Replacement, Changing & Fitting - Find a Locksmith Near You

Looking to change door lock? Whether your home or office needs rekeying or replacing door locks, SE Locksmith can fit your desired door locks on your property anytime. So, whether we are talking about sash lock, night latch mortice door lock, euro-cylinder lock, rim cylinder lock, or any other lockset, our locksmiths are here to help with a lock replacement anytime. Moreover, we will change the locks at your property at any time you call.

Change Door Lock with BS3621 Door Lock

Also, it is possible to try to upgrade your locks just to meet the bs3621 requirements or replace a broken lock if it was damaged. The security of your house should be a priority 24 7. Therefore, to secure yourself you don’t need to wait until you are locked outside. Of course, maybe in this situation, the changing lock’s process is a must.

But, for your peace of mind, try and replace standard locks with high-security locks. For example, a British standard door lock can keep you safer. On top of that, we would recommend you try and install more than a lock on your front door such as Mul-T-Lock, Banham or Ultion. For example, 5 lever mortice locks will keep your wooden door locked better than a simple standard lock. Also, it is recommended to install a night latch for better security. Don’t hesitate to ask an expert for help whenever you need to remove an old lock and install a new one. He will know better what to recommend for your specific case.

change door locks

You need to replace an old lock when moving home

For sure, when you just moved to another house you need to change the door locks first. You never know who has the keys to your apartment or house when renting a place. More than that, it is recommended to change all locks when buying a house. It is an investment in your safety and your family’s safety but most likely it’s a one-time job. A good quality lock can last you a lifetime with the proper installation. So, when changing locks, for your peace of mind, think about choosing the best combination available for your property, so you won’t have problems with security.

Whenever you call us, at your request, our locksmith will attend your location, will remove the lock, and fit a new lock fast for you. Of course, we have a wide range of locks available for both uPVC and wooden doors. Moreover, the locksmith can change the entire lock without damage to your door frame or door handle.

Do you know which door lock is the correct one for your property? Find out more about the door locking types and what works for your door by calling our expert locksmiths. Any type of lock you require, our expert will help you replace your door lock fast.

Locksmith prices 2022 — How much does a locksmith cost?

Are you wondering much it costs to hire a mobile locksmith for change door lock? Because in this field everything is really particular, a locksmith will charge differently for all types of locks required. It does make a difference if you need to install from scratch or just to replace a cylinder lock, mortice lock, sash lock, or night latch. In any event, the locksmith prices may vary widely among different locksmith services and different security brands.

There are also many other factors that affect the cost, including the type of problems you face, the hour of your call (we do have an after-hours locksmith available), and the equipment you need. Don’t forget, that it is very important for everyone to have a well-installed security system that will protect their homes and businesses.

However, as with all other emergency services, the price changes depending on your exact circumstances. No worries, once the locksmith gets to your location, he will be able to inspect and establish what service you need and what are the exact parts involved. By the end of the door lock assessment, you will have the solution and the upfront price communicated and explained.

change door locks se locksmith

Why do you need a locksmith for your door locks?

For sure, you will know when you need a locksmith at your location. Unfortunately, not too many people are thinking to change the locks or replacing the old locks with new locks when they are moving to a new location. Most of the time, the houses are coming with a standard lock that is not even insurance compliant. As new homeowners, we are sure that the security of the new house is essential.

Normally, people rarely think about asking for the assistance of a professional locksmith if they don’t have a problem with the lock. However, it’s possible for professionals in the field who can offer support if needed in most emergency circumstances to just come for an assessment. Mostly, we are required to come for new home security assessments.

Locksmiths can offer different types of locksmith services (including a change door lock) for your front door, day and night, but also for all your other door locks or ways of access. So, our locksmiths can provide assistance with your mortice deadlock, 5 lever locks, euro-cylinder lock, rim cylinder, night latch, sash lock, and any type of lock. Of course, emergency locksmiths are able to open, repair, or replace your house door lock with new locks.

How much does replacing a door lock cost? Change door lock now:

Improved security of doors has become a priority for a lot of British residents. The replacement and updating of doors and locks can be the most popular way to improve security but not just the best way.

Yale is one of Britain’s best self-locking locks that can be closed with one simple lock. Although popular, this brand is not the only brand requested by our customers. There are brands like Banham, Ultion, ERA, Evva, Mul t lock, and many more that have a pretty significant demand on a day-to-day basis.

Because the range of locks varies a lot in size, security levels, and brands, the price you will pay at the end is hard to be just a simple number communicated upfront. Anyway, the locksmith will always offer you more options for your budget and requirements. Also, he needs to recommend only the exact models that are working for your specific door.

For example, even if you wish to install a mortice lock if your door is a uPVC one you won’t be able to achieve that. To simplify the situation, call us and ask for a security assessment. As a guidance price, the locks are starting from £45 and we are offering only original new locks. We are available in about half an hour after your call.

How much does a locksmith cost?

The costs of locksmithing vary, depending on what you choose, the services you want, and the time you are requesting the services. Call SE locksmith whenever you need a trustworthy technician with a lot of experience and a wide range of locks available on the spot at your doorstep.

If it’s possible you will receive an exact price for your lock issue. Please get in touch with our expert locksmiths by calling 07830431343. Our locksmiths are based at our South East London locations or nearby, so they are able to travel for you in about one or half an hour or even less.

Types of Locks

Whenever you request a locksmith is better to mention what service are you looking for and what type of lock has issues. If you are able to mention that, we will be able to offer prompt services and approximates when it comes to pricing. In any case, after calling us, normally a locksmith will be able to attend your location in about half an hour.

UPVC door lock replacement

What we call uPVC doors are usually double-glazed glass doors. The majority of UPVC locks are manufactured by Euro cylinders which are usually around 45p per unit. When your lock breaks down do not attempt to fix yourself. Even if you bought the cylinder from retail, you could potentially damage it, and the dealer wouldn’t refund you. Choose to instead contact the expert locksmith to resolve the problem efficiently. Several UPC locks contain several points. You may also know how easy it is to block it.

The make and model of the lock or locks

There is a multitude of different types of locks available with our mobile locksmith – from simple to British Standard high-security ones. Larger, customized, keyed alike and complex types of locks like smart locks are available in about 1-2 working days. But are able to fulfill most of our locksmith requests on the same day, within half an hour after your call.

In addition, locks may have different brand names or styles. Installing simple and unbranded locks are much more affordable than asking for a high-end brand but, of course, there are ups and downs. There are a number of other factors to take into consideration when changing your lock and our locksmith will be happy to present you with all the details on site after he sees your location and your demands. It may be hard to know what type of lock to choose for a specific door before calling a locksmith but our expert is here to help you decide what works better for you when it comes to a new lock.

Hours of work

Locksmith prices are dependent primarily on the time and place you call. If you need help after hours, during the evening, or on weekends, you can expect the locksmith to charge more for his time. Of course, there’s also the advantage of having the locksmith available 24/7.

Anytime something happens with your security, an expert is at your disposal and ready to come over, day and night. All things considered, ensure your locksmith is aware of all the details before he comes.

Night latches

Some wood doors feature night latches on the top lock. With those locks, sometimes this type of lock has to be temporarily removed to allow entry in case of a stuck door.

It can be relatively cheap to change the cylinders to ensure the lock remains safe. Expect a higher price for any lock that requires a complete lock replacement.

change door locks british standard

How can I tell if my locks are British Standard?

Of course, sometimes you can check yourself if your lock is British Standard. Find your current locking system according to British Standards and look at the BSI kitemark logo on the lock.

Whenever you need a BS3621 lock ask a professional locksmith to come and help with one. The best way to find answers and get help is by calling us. Day and night, our locksmiths will help with any BS3621 lock questions and fittings. So, when you need a locksmith, just call and get urgent help.

During working days or after hours, we will sort you out with a locking device of your choice. Of course, we do have available locks with the British Standard mark at all times.

Change door lock - euro cylinder lock

The Euro cylinder is an important lock profile on residential properties in the United Kingdom. It is easy to find the right euro locking type when calling a good locksmith ready to help.

Various Euro Profile cylinder locks operate with securing keys on both sides while others operate with a key to only one side. It depends on your property and on your requests what type of cylinder lock will work better for you but a good locksmith would be able to recommend you the appropriate new lock replacement you need.

Mortice Deadlock Fitting & BS3621 Mortice Deadlock Fitting

Mortice deadlocks are usually fitted on wooden doors and are locking both interior and exterior doors. The deadlock does not contain any handles and operates by keys. A mortice lock can be accessed from either side by using the keys. Normally, deadlocks or mortice lock sets do not have a handle.

We can help with mortice deadlock for your front door anytime. Our specialist team of locksmiths is always ready to install or replace any sash lock or mortice locks. more than that, we will always recommend you replace your old lock with a 5 lever mortice lock for better security. It is proven that a combination of mortice locks and top rim cylinders can keep burglars away for longer than just one simple lock.

Cost Factors when you Change Door Lock

Of course, several factors influence the cost of locks changing jobs and also increase how long the task will take. Here is a general description of the different costs involved during the changing of the locks. All our locksmiths will share the price of the work before starting to work. Of course, the cost will depend on your choice of locks or parts and on the labor.

Emergency call-outs

Callout fees may vary in cost, especially if there’s an emergency and short notice for our locksmiths. Normally, if you are in a lock emergency, you will call your local emergency locksmith for help you with the lockouts.

Of course, normal hours of work are Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm and are priced lower. Nevertheless, call-out costs may increase from 6 p.m. until 8 a.m. because of the inconvenience and time spent.


The material cost includes whatever locking option is suitable for your requests and location. Generally, cylinder locks are cheaper, with an initial price starting from £45, whereas the most secure cylinder lock more expensive.

Of course, while the budget option is easier to go for, higher-quality locks can provide longer-lasting protection for your home as well as reduce your repair and maintenance expenses in the long term. We will always recommend you secure your house with a good new lock that will keep the burglars out.

Size of job

It can differ depending on the number of locks needed and the severity of an issue. Standard locks such as euro cylinder, mortice lock, and uPVC door lock can be changed fast and on spot. Normally, we have all the locks available with our locksmiths.

But when you call an emergency door-locker they can’t find what you need and will need more days to get these items in.

Change door lock: The process of changing locks

Locksmith services are often simple and stressful tasks for any professional locksmith. The following is an overview of replacing or installing the lockset.

Removing previous locks

After a preliminary consultation with your locksmith, you can begin removing locks and deadbolts. First, two nuts must be detached before rotating plate assemblies and disconnecting deadbolt locks. They will then disconnect screws holding up deadbolt plates in their hands.

Change Door Lock

The next step is the installation of the locking system and deadbolt before adjusting the assembly plate and placing it on top. They then twist the doorknob and see through holes and secure the locking key.

Choosing a Door Lock

There is a wide range of options to choose from when selecting the best door locks. It is best to talk to a professional locksmith to determine the best door or home security.

Multipoint locking system

Multipoint locks are most commonly found in composite and uPVC window systems adding extra security features for added security. A multi-locking door is described as a door with multiple locks which are connected in a linear fashion. This is common on public sites where trespassers cannot disarm a lock.

Rim Automatic Deadlatch

The deadlock is an extension to the standard lock which does not replace the lock itself. It can easily be unlocked from the interior and is normally located on the entrance door.

Of course, it provides additional security in conjunction with the normal mortice or the euro cylinder locks.

5 Lever Mortice Deadlock

When changing a normal deadlock on a wood entry door, you will usually have to include the parts/labor.

We. can help with the replacement of any type of lock (including the Yale lock) with a completely remodeled lock and cylinder.

Euro-Lock Cylinder Fitting

These lock types are often found in a wide variety of applications in door locks. The EuroLock locking cylinder is found inside the front doors.

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