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SE Locksmith : 24 hour Emergency Service in South East London Email: [email protected] Call now ( 24hr available ) : 07830431343 07830431343

Eviction Locksmith

Tenant eviction locksmith with the help of SE Locksmith

Are you in need of a tenant eviction locksmith? Are you dealing with tenants that frequently fail to pay their rent on time? Or perhaps you’ve discovered that they’ve rented your home without your permission or knowledge? Then, you’ve probably chosen to go ahead and evict them. We are here to help! SE Locksmith may assist you in regaining access to your rental home.

Tenants eviction locksmiths at your disposal 24 hour

One of our most frequently requested jobs when it comes to landlords is to help them through their eviction processes when the bailiffs are coming.

Therefore, we can offer experienced tenant eviction locksmith service with our fully-trained staff who can assist you properly with your home repossession after you have the court decision. So, call our specialist in gaining entrance to any property and secure your place against future illegal access by former tenants or others.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to have the court issue the Warrant of Possession before proceeding. Also, an Enforcement Agent or Bailiff has to be appointed to carry out your eviction.

Stress-free eviction locksmith services

When you are dealing with such a situation, you have to make sure you are efficient and organize everything in advance. Therefore, you need a trustworthy, reliable, and professional locksmith company to attend to your property on time. He will help you gain access to your property without being late and we will also be able to provide a replacement lock.

So, when you need a locksmith for such a job, look out for the experienced locksmiths out there. We do have a lot of experience with such situations across London.

Don’t forget, the bailiff may have another job to go to just after yours. Therefore, if the locksmith is late and fails to execute the Warrant of Possession on time, you might have to wait for another eviction appointment for months and the cost of the eviction will go higher.

Emergency lock change house lock replacement London apartment SE Locksmith
Emergency lock change house lock replacement London apartment SE Locksmith

How a Tenant Eviction locksmith will operate

Firstly, try and make a locksmith appointment with our receptionist in advance. We need to make sure that your locksmith will make it on time to your location. Alternatively, you can make a quick appointment by filling out the reservation form. In case you don’t get the confirmation from our team within an hour, please give us a call – we don’t wanna lose your request as evictions are a priority for us.

After everything has been established, the locksmith will give you a call on the day of the appointment, to assure you that he will make it on time. So, meet the locksmith for tenant removal on time, at your location. No matter what time it is, he will make sure he’ll be punctual.

Finally, after you gain access and his door opening work is done, the expert can enter your home to change locks and, when necessary, replace them. At this stage, the tenants will leave the property. In our opinion, changing the locks is mandatory.

Eviction Locksmith Services For Landlords

There are times when a landlord should remove the tenants. Unfortunately, not all the tenants are good reliable tenants. In these situations, a landlord will need the help of the police and of a dedicated locksmith.

Some tenants continue to live at the property without permission so a professional locksmith can help a lot with the best on point solutions. This way, you can quickly and effectively get your property back, even if it’s an appointment out of business hours.

We know some landlords will contact us in regards to such service, that’s why we offer a full-service lockout service for evicted tenants. These steps are needed to prevent the owner and future tenants from entering the house without permission. Contact us and we’ll give you more details about this type of service. SE Locksmith works fast and uses only high-quality locks for durable work, to keep your property secure for longer.

Services approved for eviction locksmith London

Our SE company has full knowledge about the entire process and how important it is to you to make it on time. Therefore, we are at your service and able to provide a complete range of locksmith services for the safekeeping of home or commercial space.

Once you’ve called us, you know you are safe. We have experience in working for different properties with the police really often and we know how to proceed in these situations. Also, you’ll get high-security services and our locksmiths can handle any need you might have in regards to your door locks.

Moreover, we will always ensure we reach you on time if necessary, delivering all quality work with the utmost respect.

A locksmith with experience in evictions

We are the local SE Locksmith, your efficient South East London locksmiths available 24 hours.

Our technicians have extensive knowledge in the removal locksmith service. Therefore, we can help you enter your property without too much hassle. Our locksmith service will ensure you a smooth entry because our team has experience with all types of locks in the evacuation procedure.

More than that, we have experience in locksmith services emergencies throughout London, as well as providing a courteous approach to eviction work.

Be careful when choosing your locksmiths company for the job. Inexperienced locksmiths may damage your doors or frames when trying to remove the lock and this will cost you more in repairs. Even if the prices are not the lowest for this emergency important request, the quality of the job is top.

In our opinion, all parties involved in the eviction process should feel relaxed and free while we are doing our work. So, when your lock needs to be unlocked one way or another, allow us to perform the work on your behalf.

How to cope with the eviction process

Of course, evicting tenants can be a stressful time for the owner of the property. Even though most landlords and tenants maintain good client/tenant relations, rental payments are always made on time and the property is kept to good standards.

But there are occasions, though, when the relations between tenants are pretty bad. For example, when the rents haven’t been paid in full. In these situations, you’ll need a professional to help you get through these hard times.

Our expert is ready to guide you through and will help you get rid of the problematic tenants in minutes. Call us and let us help you!

For Tenants: Can a landlord change locks without the tenant's permission?

Most likely not; however you can verify if this agreement is explicitly stated. In some circumstances, your tenant may want you to leave but must provide you with an explanation. Such situations are as follows: Whenever we share shared facilities with our landlords or the families.

Unless your landlord follows a fair procedure, you have no right to be moved away. The landlord who wants to simply change the locks for routine repair is obligated to fulfill these duties.

Emergency Eviction Locksmith in South East London

Are there locksmiths in London that can help when your house is being evacuated and locked down for no reason? Of course, we can also help the tenants when the landlord is not proceeding with a legal evacuation.

We have a locksmith available 24/7 and the best services available. Also, we can provide quick and reliable services any day or night! As trustworthy emergency locksmiths, we can come quickly and perform any job at a high level.

24 Hour Service for Landlords or Tenants

We offer 24-hour locksmithing services locally for both landlords and tenants. Moreover, we’ll work to meet your schedule, which will make sure you get your eviction on the spot.

SE Locksmith has extensive experience handling emergency situations. Also, he provides a professional and polite service when a worksite is being evicted. We know the best way to go for eviction and can handle everything smoothly.

Most importantly, we offer a prompt service, and the prices for the service are fair.

Can a landlord change the lock when a new tenant moves in?

If you are worried about your safety as a new tenant that just moved in, it is simple: they’re no longer obligated.

Generally, the lock is not changed, unless there are no keys returned to the landlord. Really, the only way a landlord would change was to worry if it could harm their integrity. When landlords believe they might make copies of the files and feel disgruntled they will often change the locks.

So, if you wanna stay safe and have your belongings in place, change your locks with a local service as soon as you move in.

Hire a qualified eviction locksmith for a stress-free service

Do bad renters always stop paying rent in full? Maybe it’s because they’ve sublet your home without your approval! Then you likely decide that they’ll be evicted. Alternatively, the SE Locksmith can assist the evicted tenant in regaining their right to use.

Is a eviction locksmith legally required to be present on the day of eviction?

Even if it’s not a law, the expert in door openings should be present. Normally, bailiffs expect to meet the locksmith at the location together with the property owner.

More than that, in case of eviction because tenants might have refused to enter the premises. In such instances attempted attempts to gain entry to the building without professional security guards may lead to unexpected delays or failure to evict the tenants.

Can landlords just change the locks when dealing with problematic tenants?

In short, it is illegal to remove an occupant from any property without following legal procedures. Tenant eviction is a prolonged process that consists of the issuing of notices, observing the wait times, and attending judicial hearings. During the process, a professional bailiff is authorized to enact a warrant of possession.

If you want to evict tenants legally, then you need to hire the best locksmith and proceed just when the bailiff is present. In some cases, the bailiff will have to do a job and if you do not execute this order on this day you could be forced to wait for an appointment.


Can the tenant change the lock during their tenancy?

Normally, guests are forbidden to change a lock without the owner’s consent. When you are facing this scenario, it is your right to initiate the eviction proceedings.

Can a tenant change the lock without the landlord’s permission?

It doesn’t really. A tenant has no right to change the lock and thus exempt a landlord from premises in an unintentional manner. You’ll need your landlord to agree on a lock change.

In case the keys are lost, the tenant locks the keys inside the apartment or property, and the landlord needs to be aware of what’s happening. In some cases, the owner might even require you to use a certain company to help you out. Get in touch with your landlord first and call us when you have its approval.

Of course, in case you are not able to reach him and there’s an emergency, we are here to come to your place and open the door for you straight away.

Can a landlord get a eviction locksmiths?

The landlord can call a locksmith to re-locking doors. If you discover your door is locked but you don’t want the lock removed and landlords refuse you permission you can simply send the locksmith out. Most tenants will phone a local locksmith and request a visit from the company in case they can not access the property they are renting.

Should the landlord pay for the emergency locksmith service?

If the property owner has suffered technical problems due to wear and tear and design errors, repairs may be necessary. In most cases, when there is a need for a locksmith, the owner will also have incurred these expenses. Of course, if the tenant has lost the keys, most likely he will have to cover the cost of the replacement.

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