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SE Locksmith : 24 hour Emergency Service in South East London Email: [email protected] Call now ( 24hr available ) : 07830431343 07830431343

What is a locksmith?

All about locksmiths

You might be wondering what is a locksmith or what does a locksmith do. Well, basically the locksmith is a tradesman that knows all about locks. Therefore, when you have a problem with your lock (interior or exterior), most likely you will need a lock specialist. A technician specialist will sort out for you any security issue. Naturally, the lock specialist will have a solution. So, all that’s left is to call a specialized technician quickly. 

In terms of physical security, a locksmith’s work frequently involves making a determination of the level of risk to an individual or institution. Then he is recommending and implementing appropriate combinations of equipment and policies to create “security layers”, which exceed the reasonable gain to an intruder or attacker. The more different security layers are implemented, the more the requirement for additional skills and knowledge, and tools to defeat them all. But because each layer comes at an expense to the customer, the application of appropriate levels without exceeding reasonable costs to the customer is often very important and requires a skilled and knowledgeable locksmith to determine.

What does a locksmith do?

Locks and Locksmiths

Locks have been constructed for over 2500 years, initially out of wood and later out of metal. Historically, locksmiths would make the entire lock by themselves. They were working for hours hand cutting screws and doing much file-work. In the 18th century, the locks were getting more complex and more complicated and locksmiths often specialized more in locks repairs and even locks design. 


What is a locksmith in 2021?

Today locksmiths are primarily more involved in the door openings and installation of high-quality locksets. Most locksmiths also do smart locks fittings and sometimes electronic lock servicing. Most of them are mobile because London is a big and fast-moving city, where the customer needs the service then and there. Naturally, because all the businesses are moving online these days, the same it’s happening with the locksmith business. In 2021, SE Locksmith is an online-oriented service and all our technicians are mobile-only. All the modern locksmith businesses aim to save your time and protect you at the same time. Therefore, more and more technicians are fully equipped (tools and locks wise) and are able to solve all the security issues on the first visit. 

Services provided by locksmiths

If you are locked out at a strange hour or just lost your keys, a 24-hour emergency locksmith near me can be the answer to your problem. Also, if you need to change or replace your locks you can call an out-of-hours service available in your area. When looking for a locksmith try and select the company that can provide the type of service you are looking for. 

  • Residential Locksmiths
  • Commercial Locksmiths
  • Forensic / Investigatory Locksmiths 
  • 24-hour Locksmiths
  • All-In-One Locksmith (everything mentioned before) – we have available all these types of services

Also, all of them are security consultants. So, if you feel that you are not secured in your home, do yourself a favor and ask them to come and have a look. A trained technician will be able to help with advice and even to do all the necessary or recommended changes on-spot. Be aware, not every security consultant has the skills and knowledge of a locksmith. Mostly, the locksmiths are frequently certified in specific skill areas or to a level of skill within the trade.

locksmith what is a locksmith

Locksmith Duties and Responsibilities

First of all, a locksmith can be a lock technician, Master Locksmith, or Certified Registered locksmith. These skilled tradesmen are able to install and repair conventional locksets in residential and commercial environments. Therefore, you will need their help to prevent unauthorized entry. Also, he will install, repair, and adjust locks everywhere you need. No matter if it’s an office, an entrance door, or a garden back door, they will help. 

So, an emergency specialized technician will: 

    • supply all types of locks for London doors on the spot 
    • help you gain access 
    • open almost any type of door 
    • provide 24 hours emergency services 
    • give security advice 
    • replace damaged parts of a lock/security system if necessary
    • help in case of a lost key – assistance with unlocking doors and lock replacement if necessary
    • offer key-alike service – more locks under the same key
    • provide and install code locks 
    • install some smart locks 
    • emergency safe opening

Moreover, it’s important to ask a local locksmith to come over as he is more familiar with the neighborhood’s types of locks. It is not a secret that London it’s diverse and the doors are pretty different from an area to another. Therefore, the locksmith is more specialized in the specific locks of the area where they work day by day. In conclusion, it’s important to take this into consideration when you decide to call a specialist locksmith to help you out. 

How to become a locksmith

Generally speaking, even if most of the locksmiths are attending specialized courses prior to starting the actual job in a locksmith company, some of them are only learning the specific tasks of this role on the job. On the other hand, some of the locksmiths are properly licensed so they could be called Maset Locksmiths. In the UK though there is no strict regulation in regards to the necessary specialization of the locksmiths. Therefore, it’s important to try and check reviews or ask a neighbor if he can recommend a company before calling the first ad/site that appears in Google. 


Short step-by-step guide for this career

Ready to taste the industry?

Firstly, if you wish to become a locksmith you have to ask yourself if you are truly ready to commit to a chaotic schedule and work under the pressure. Because it’s an emergency service, many of the locksmiths are working day and night when someone’s in need. Also, a potential locksmith needs to be able to drive and work in unfavorable weather conditions. Is this something you would be able to do day by day? 

DBS Check And Studies

Secondly, to meet the requirements of the position, most locksmiths are starting the training in their twenties. Just to be clear, a high-school diploma and a clean criminal record are a must when thinking about this career. More than that, DBS checks are really important in jobs that require interaction with clients. 

Locksmith Training Course

The third step is to attend a professional locksmith training course. Here, any newbie will be able to learn the job from real situations using the latest equipment. As a starting point, here in the UK, we can recommend a few good courses like the ones provided by UKLA. Another way to get training is to get an apprenticeship with an experienced locksmith that already works the company where you wish to apply. Even is the training periods are typically unpaid, it’s still one of the best ways to face the real world and learn about the ups and downs of these jobs.

Past Experience is a plus

Of course, nothing is more important than past experience. If you have at least one year of experience it means you already know what the locksmith life is about and you are ready to decide for yourself if you wanna stick to this career. 

Keep expanding in this domain

As it happens with every industry, you will never be fully educated in this domain. There’s always something to learn and you can also specialize in one of the specific locksmith fields. Year by year, something new comes up and as a London locksmith you should keep up with the technology, with the new methods and practices. Therefore, when choosing this domain of activity, be ready to keep learning and keep educating yourself. Most real and serious companies will suggest training in different types of opening methods, a wide range of locks knowledge and also a sales course. Also, networking can help you in the long term. Try and establish relationships with the locks providers, other locksmiths, letting agents, or most common insurance providers. 

Would I make a good locksmith?

Definitely, it’s not the typical job where you have time to get bored. It’s not something you can’t learn quickly if you are into DYI or mechanisms, but is it something you would be able to sustain in the long run? On top of that, London life can get chaotic and you need to be out there day by day, no matter what. It does come with rewards but you have to be able to drive and work in an unconventional way, in a different location every day. You need to listen to the clients and offer solutions for new situations all the time. Surely, there’s no lock exactly the same as the other – even though all of them have the same base.

In conclusion, it’s hard to offer a general answer and a broad locksmith profile. We would say it all depends on compatibility with the job, your lifestyle, your personality, and your personal goals. 

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