SE Locksmith - Emergency Service in South East London Email: 24hr available: 07830431343
SE Locksmith - Emergency Service in South East London Email: 24hr available: 07830431343

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SE Locksmith has been installing locks with confidence since 2017. We pride ourselves on being a knowledgeable and efficient team of dedicated locksmiths in South East London. Our locksmith team is always ready to help, no matter what. 24 hours a day, we will go the extra mile to secure all our customers. Dedication to customer service, commitment to quality workmanship, and passion for identifying the newest industry technology – have been the pillars of SE Locksmith’s success during all these years. 

Also, as security specialists, our technicians are well versed in a large array of commercial and residential security work all day long. More than that, each of our technicians is equipped, well-trained, and capable of handling all types of locks professionally. From lock repairs to lock opening and replacement, SE Locksmith can help you at all times. 


Our highly skilled locksmiths will install locks or even repair the broken ones when possible. Moreover, our technicians are proficient in repairing all types of locks and they can help on-site with all the help you need. Our team works with kitemark-approved equipment and tools on the entire opening process to ensure that all components of your security system are properly spaced, installed, aligned, and coordinated. 

We are trying to work with the customer’s requests, compared with other companies operating in London that simply don’t care too much. For us, a happy customer is our main goal.

Firstly, the majority of our door openings are non-destructive. Of course, the method of opening in case of a lockout depends on what type of lock/door you have installed but our skilled locksmiths will ALWAYS try their best to work in our customers ‘ interest and to open the door simple. Therefore, because we are operating with care, we are being approved by all major home insurers. Locksmithing is our passion and we will find a solution for every door. 

Secondly, we can work with our customer’s schedules and our punctual locksmiths will be there exactly when you need them. Day or night, emergency or just a routine check, SE Locksmith will serve you just in time. There is no bad time to call our company.

Lastly, our customer care team will always be able to assist you with your needs. They will have you in touch with your local technician, minutes after your call. Get in touch and book a technician right away. 


Besides the easy-going team we have, we can offer many reasons why you can stick with us. 

  • We can replace/repair any lock. There isn’t a door that can’t be secured and there isn’t a lock that can’t be replaced. So, when there’s a will, there’s a way! Of course, our company is determined to help all the potential customers out there. Therefore, we will always find a way to accomplish this, regardless of obstacles. 
  • Our team is available 24h (bank holidays included)
  • A member of our locksmiths team will be able to assist you as quickly as 20 to 45 minutes. 
  • Most of the time we will complete the task on the 1st visit, so there’s no need to book a locksmith again. 


Do you wanna feel safe and secured at all times? London is a big and diverse city, so it can be dangerous to keep your home unsecured. The security of your home is what our business is all about. We are more than happy to help anytime. Our experts are qualified to help you open any door securely, supply and fit any lock, and even help in case of an eviction or a burglary. 

It’s absolutely imperative to us, that when SE Locksmith is assigned the task of protecting you and your assets, it will be taken seriously and implemented with keen attention to detail. Even if our locksmiths are fast – they are used to work with many emergencies – they are also really skilled and well-trained. Truly, when it comes to a high level of security and attention to detail, there is absolutely no room for errors or mistakes.

This is why SE Locksmith relies on combined technical experience and the newest technological advancements. So, we wanna ensure you that when you entrust your home/business security to our team, the entire process is executed flawlessly. Get in touch and call a locksmith now!