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Why You Might Get Locked Out and What To Do: Door unlock near me

Are you looking for a Door unlock near me service? Or have you ever been locked out of your house? If you have then you’ll know how stressful and daunting the situation can be. Your home is your space and where you live your life. If you’re ever in a situation where you can’t get into that space it can be a real problem. This might not have happened to you, in which case you’re lucky. However, a lock out is more common than you might think. Also, there are many reasons to cause someone to be locked out of their house. Let’s go through the reasons people get locked out and what you can do if you ever find yourself in an emergency need of a door unlocking service. 

Lost Keys

Let’s start with one of the common ways people get locked out of their homes, losing their keys. Lost keys are unfortunate because they are arguably the most avoidable. However, these things happen as, after all, we are human and we make mistakes. You might start looking for a door unlock near me service and you will be quickly sorted out.

Unlock the door after you lose your keys

Sometimes no matter how in control you might be over your keys, they might be misplaced of no fault of your own. Perhaps someone else picks them up without realizing or perhaps they fall out of your bag. Either way, once you’ve lost your keys and need to get into your home, you are put in a difficult situation. What’s more concerning, is if someone happens to pick up your keys and knows where you live. They then have access to your home and belongings! The chances of this are slim but not unrealistic. If you do lose your keys and are unable to find them, it is best to get a new lock fitted to be on the safe side. Find a local locksmith as soon as possible and stay safe. Nothing is more important than the safety of your loved ones.

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Keys Jammed

You can get locked out of your home if your key gets jammed in the door. If your key is jammed, this could prevent you from entering the home even if the lock itself is fine. In these cases, a professional locksmith is required to help. He will assist in the removal of the key from the lock to ensure the locking system is still intact.

Why is my key jammed?

There can be many reasons why a key might get jammed in a lock. Perhaps you or someone in your home used the wrong key to try and open the door. Even with minimal force, if a wrong key is used it can quickly get stuck and become difficult to remove. Moreover, jammed keys could also be caused by a bad-quality key or lockset. For example, if your key is copied and it’s of bad quality it might cause you some problems. So, when you try to use a bad quality it can potentially get stuck into the lock. The same could happen if the initial lock installation wasn’t a professional one. Any approved locksmith can help with a professional lock installation. 

Lock Malfunction

Perhaps the key is fine, but the lock could break or malfunction causing you to be locked out. This is unlikely if you have invested in a quality certified locked. However, if not, then this can definitely happen. A lock might seem perfectly fine at first, but if it isn’t of a good standard and quality then, over time, it can malfunction or break. The locking system could break down inside preventing the lock from opening again.

How to unlock the door in case of lock malfunction?

In these circumstances, the best solution is to ask an expert to come over. A DIY project could cause harm to the door but a security expert will make the door functional quickly. After the door unlocking process, a locksmith can help to either fix the lock or replace the locking system. This cause can be preventable with good quality certified locks and proper installation.

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Stolen Keys

Similarly to lost keys, your keys could be stolen causing you to be locked out. This can be a very stressful situation as like losing your keys, your home is vulnerable to intruders. This is why it is always advisable to never put any house number, address, or contact information on your key chain. With no information, you limit a thief from gaining access to your address and ultimately access to your home. However, if your whole bag is unfortunately stolen, the likelihood of all your contact details being in one place exponentially increases. In this situation, you would most likely cancel any bank cards, for example. Also, you would want to replace your locks quickly. Although you would hope something like this would never happen, you should always prepare for the worst and be safe. 

Broken Keys

Like having your keys jammed in the lock, your key might actually break in the lock causing you to be locked out. Again, this could be caused by many similar reasons such as the wrong key being used or a faulty copied key breaking. The key itself might break in another way before you are able to even get to the door to use it. This can be resolved by having spare keys and giving them to people you trust such as a neighbor or a family member.

Request a Locksmith for the door unlocking

However, this might not always be possible. In a situation where there is no spare key or you cannot get access to it, you will most likely need a locksmith. The locksmiths can help with new keys and can replace the lock if there was any damage to it if the key broke inside. Even if the lock seems fine, it’s always best to have a professional evaluate it to avoid any future issues down the line. 

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What to do when lock out of house

If you ever find yourself in the unfortunate situation of being locked out of your house, what should you do? The first thing is to not panic or stress. These times can be very stress-inducing, especially if you are alone or this happens during the night. Panicking can only make this worse. Take a moment to be calm and think of the best solution.

Find a solution to unlock the door

If someone else who shares the house can help you get in, then that might be the first option. Say, for example, you lost your keys but someone you live with also has a key. However, if the lock malfunctions or the key is jammed, this is not a viable option. If you did lose your keys or have them stolen, you might have someone help you get into your home in the short term. But, you still need to consider changing the locks if someone did have access to your information and your home. Always think about your safety first. 



The quickest solution when you are lock out

A locksmith is usually always your first point of contact in many cases as they can help across all of these causes of a lock out. Many Locksmiths are available for emergency support 24 hours a day and can help you get back inside your home safely at rapid speeds. When finding a locksmith, especially after hours, the easiest thing to do is search online for ‘door unlock near me’. This will immediately bring you the locksmith emergency services closest to you and available when you need them. 


,,Door unlock near me'' with SE Locksmith

If you are in the South East London area, particularly the SE1 and SE11 areas, you can contact SE Locksmith now. A locksmith can help you replace the lock (or just repair it, if possible), to help you get back inside your home. They will also ensure you have in place preventative methods such as using good quality certified locks to prevent any malfunctions in the future. You can also take precautions yourself such as giving keys to trusted people who can help you in an emergency. Therefore, consider adding a locksmith contact number to your phone, so you have it there if you ever need it.

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To summarise, there are many reasons people might get locked out of their house. Many times, it is something out of your control and sometimes unavoidable. It can be caused by lost or stolen keys, keys breaking or getting jammed, or the lock malfunctioning. If this situation ever arises, you should stay calm and evaluate the situation for the best approach to resolving the problem. Usually, the best action is to call a locksmith to replace or repair the lock. Remember, even if you have lost the keys you might need to consider having the locks replaced. We urge you to be cautious in case anyone did find your keys and has access to your home. Getting locked out of your house is unfortunate but it does happen often. So, always be prepared if you ever find yourself in that situation. 

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