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SE Locksmith : 24 hour Emergency Service in South East London Email: [email protected] Call now ( 24hr available ) : 07830431343 07830431343

Lock Replacement

When looking for door lock replacement, there’s an entirely new chapter to discuss. Here the experience of the locksmith makes a huge impact on the future security level of your home. Many of our clients are trying to figure out by themselves what lock to choose from the multitude of styles, security levels, and brands.  Truth be told, everyone’s door is different, and the requirements for each client are different. From here, it is easy to deduct that only a professional locksmith will be able to offer the best advice. Don’t look for recommendations on the Internet ar there are plenty of fake reviews and bad intentions. Instead, book a survey and ask a locksmith to come over. Just to make things easy, we tried to put together a top for the most common locks in the SE area, the area where we are operating for years. Also, we have offered some general ideas for better replacements. So, for each lock, we will give you a better alternative (more secure).


Rim Cylinder is usually known as a Yale Lock. Some people like to call it a “simple” Yale lock, other just “the barrel”, but everyone is talking about the same common lock. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t have too many security features. Mostly, it performs the basic function of opening the door. Therefore, sometimes it can be picked, or easily drilled.

Mul-T-Lock, A good Lock Replacement

For example, a better alternative for this cylinder could be Mul-T-Lock cylinder. Why? For starters, it’s more robust. Also, the cylinder comes with security features like anti-picking and anti-drill and restricted keys + a security cutting card key. 

night latch

Standard Night-Latch

Standard Night-Latch (Usually no brand or a cheap version of Yale night-latch and doesn’t have any security features) . It just have the simple function of helping the door to stay close, attached to the frame. It’s connected with the barrel (1st article) and it’s positioned on the other side (interior) of the door.

Door lock replacement: ASEC with roller bolt

ASEC with roller bolt it’s always a better alternative. Not only you won’t be locked out because you’ll never forgot your keys inside. Also, this door lock replacement has a strong anti-saw protective bolt. This way, you will keep the small burglars away. More than that, there is a difference between a simple auto-locking night latch and the roller bolt. Firstly, with the classic option you will close the door automatically and there’s always a rick to forget the keys inside. On the other hand, the ASEC roller bolt needs to be closed with the key when leaving the property, so the danger or a lockout is minimum. More importantly, you should always take into consideration the extra security provided by ASEC anti-saw bolt.

Standard "top lock" kit

Nothing new here, as the standard top lock kit is formed by the lock from the Yale “barrel” and the standard night latch, both mentioned previously. Basically, these two are interacting together and are a really common set installed on the doors in SE London. So, instead of just replacing only one part, you have the option to replace both parts as a kit under the same brand.

The Ingersoll Kit Door Locks Replacement

The INGERSOLL kit is an alternative for both locks (barrel and night latch) with security for both exterior and interior sides. Similar with the classic option, we can break down the kit into parts: the high secure cylinder and the secure night latch. Really important to mention,  the night latch has a 10 lever key mechanism, making Ingersoll night-latches them incredibly secure. So, with it’s reinforced, hacksaw resistant deadbolt, these night latches automatically lock on closing the door and can be double locked.

top lock kit
Standard euro-cyliner door lock replacement

The common 5 lever Mortice lock (deadlock)

Usually, the five lever mortice deadlock is non-handed and comes usually with 2 keys. It is a type of door lock commonly fitted to timber doors. A specific point of this lock is that it can be locked and unlocked with a key from both the inside and the outside. With a bolt throw of 16mm, the deadbolts contain two hardened steel rollers to help resist attack. 

UNION Replacement

A good door lock replacement for this common lock would be UNION. Firstly, it is a BS 3621 alternative (insurance approved) and it is a better replacement for the classic 5 lever Mortice Lock. Just to give you an idea, BS 3621 stands for British Standard and it is the ideal level of security for a lock, approved on the British Standard. Unfortunately, the common simple 5 lever Mortice lock is not good enough to cover a house insurance policy but this alternative can do it succesfully.

Standard euro-cylinder

 This very common lock is similar with the “barrel” from mentioned above, so called the Yale lock. In terms of its functions and specifications, it is pretty limited and we can’t recommend it as a first option for a lock change. 

ULTION Door Lock Replacement

This is last lock is one of the most appreciated locks by our locksmiths. The brand is called ULTION and it has a much a better position than the standard euro-cylinder lock. In comparison with the standard euro profile cylinder, ULTION is more affordable and more efficient. Therefore, SE Locksmith has many ULTION alike alternatives when it comes to brands and security features. ULTION is one of the best products that encompasses all security features like: anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-picking plus its security restricted keys plus card.

ultion replacement

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