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SE Locksmith : 24 hour Emergency Service in South East London Email: [email protected] Call now ( 24hr available ) : 07830431343 07830431343

Repair Door Lock

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Repair door lock - Steps

1. Reserve your repair door lock  service by calling the number below (service available 24 hours)
2. We will dispatch a fully equipped lock repair technician to your location.
3. Our locksmith will inspect the lock and repair it within one hour.
4. You’ll soon have a fully functional lock and a secured house again. 

Call for all types of locks and repair door lock with a professional

So, your door lock is not working properly anymore.

Do you have a lock problem? What type of lock is it? Don’t worry, we’ll repair it quickly if that’s possible. Of course, we do treat locks with maximum efficiency, so we will easily repair them (if that’s possible). To ensure the security of your home, it’s important to check the door locks, strike plate, and door hinge screws regularly, and to upgrade to a mortice sash lock for your interior doors if necessary. 

If you need a door lock repair, a professional locksmith can help you with a variety of lock types, including euro profile cylinder locks, cylinder rim locks, and euro profile cylinder locks. For example, If your euro profile cylinder lock is damaged, it’s important to contact a locksmith for repair or replacement to ensure the security of your property. Here are some of the most popular types of locks that we regularly handle for you to give you a better understanding.

  • Any type of lock replacement
  • Locks with cylindrical and euro cylinders
  • repairing uPVC window locks and uPVC door locks
  • Mortice doorknobs
  • Locks with deadbolts
  • Locks with many points or Multi-point locks
  • Night latch locks / Rim latch locks (Yale Lock)
  • Auxiliary locking mechanisms
  • Knob and lever handle locks
  • Combination Locks or Code Locks

Jammed Door Lock - Fix a broken lock

This is possibly the most typical lock problem to try and solve: when you can insert the key into the lock but it won’t spin. This annoying problem is typically avoidable with only a little servicing, but it’s difficult to repair once it’s blocked. Forcing the key to spin in the lock may result in severe damage to the lock mechanism or the key breaking off.

The lock has most likely jammed owing to filth and dust buildup. You have numerous options for resolving the problem. To begin, spraying compressed air into the keyhole should assist in clearing out the debris. Then, using a spray straw, lubricate the inside of the keyhole with penetrating oil. Don’t just use any oil because they can actually pick up dust and grime, making the situation much worse.

Frozen Door Lock - Fix a broken lock

When the cold weather comes in, it’s typical for locks to also become stuck. It’s inconvenient, but it’s typically fairly easy to fix on your own. We suggest the three strategies mentioned below:
Warm the key – Warm the key inside a pot of hot water or by putting it on your car’s radiator. After that, put on gloves and place the hot key into the keyhole. It should warm it up as it creeps in. It is possible that you may need to warm the key again and repeat the operation.
To use an aerosol de-icer — Spraying de-icer on the lock might melt any ice that has formed.
Using a hairdryer, blast the lock.

If any of these doesn’t work, it’s best to call a local locksmith. He will ensure the matter is resolved without further damage to the lock and you will get inside safe. 

Fix a broken lock: Change different types of locks

Mortice Lock Change

Euro Cylinder Lock Change

Rim Cylinder Lock Change

Emergency lock change house lock replacement London apartment SE Locksmith

House Lock Replacement To Take Into Consideration

Change locks now

Lost the Keys

First, if you ever lost the keys to your house you might need to ask a locksmith to open the door for you. But, if let’s say, you can manage to open the door with another key or without the help of a locksmith, you still need to change the lock to be safe. Don’t just move over this incident if you still have another key and change the lock. You never know who has just found (or stole) your lost key shortly after you realized what’s your situation. Remember, anything can happen in a big city like London. So, be cautious and change your door lock cylinder as soon as possible. 

Change Houses

When you have the stress of moving houses in London, there’s a big chance to forget about the most important part of a home: the security side. So, we just wanna give you a reminder to make the lock change a priority as a new tenant/homeowner. Of course, you can never be sure how many of the previous tenants, contractors, agents, or landlords have the key to your apartment or house. Why risk when you can have that peace of mind with a simple lock change? Stay in control of your goods and offer access to your house only to the people you want. 

Faulty Lock

Over time, the door locks can get weak after hard use. General wear and tear are normal and you should check up on that with your locks as well. If any of your locks are getting difficult to operate, try and solve the problem as soon as possible. Why risk a lockout if you can solve the problem before it appears? Definitely, a lockout will be more time-consuming and more costly. So, avoid the complete failure of the lock and have it changed with a professional as soon as you notice a small issue. Don’t expose your house and your family while ignoring the locks. In the eventuality of a broken lock, it will be impossible to unlock the door without damage to the lock. So, just avoid the emergency service and choose a simple lock change / lock repair ( depending on each particular situation). 

Break In Attempt

If you’ve experienced a break-in or just an attempt of a break-in, the first thing you should be thinking about is how to secure your house better. There’s nothing worst than finding yourself in this situation and we are here to help you get through this quickly! So, call us anytime and request our lock repair and replacement service. SE Locksmith will provide an efficient solution with the sturdiest and best lock brands on the market. That way, we will prevent a potential future break-in. 
Therefore, if you need an emergency locksmith service, SE Locksmith is available day or night. We will make your home safe and secure on the first visit.

Fix a broken lock with a professional.

We will always try and fix your lock, if possible. Whenever you are looking to repair door lock, we are ready to try. Of course, we will perform a lock change, if that is the case. A lock change will give you a new set of keys, that you have full control over who has access to your property.

House Lock Replacement: Change different types of locks

Mortice Lock Change

If a mortice lock has gone faulty, the replacement of the lock will be a quick and easy solution. How do you know if the lock is faulty before you experience a lockout? Well, anytime you feel that the unlocking time is delayed (even with a few seconds), you should ask an expert to have a look. It might be something easy to fix for a professional locksmith. But if the lock has bigger problems then the security of your house is compromised and you might have to think about a lock change.

When replacing a Mortice Lock you should find a similar type of lock with the exact same dimensions, and you should never choose a lower level of security. Also, bear in mind, for a mortice lock to be approved you should have 5 levers (British Standard). Luckily, SE Locksmith has a wide range of locks available on-site and they offer plenty of mortice lock options for every door. 

Euro Cylinder Lock Change

Euro cylinders locks are barrel-shaped locks that are used predominantly on uPVC doors. These locks are suitable for both commercial and domestic properties. Usually, euro cylinders are very easy to fit and install. They are easy to use and rarely break down but these days they can be a vulnerability risk. Euro Cylinders are conforming to standard sizes and therefore are easy to replace. However, the length may vary depending on the thickness of the door. In this case, the exact dimensions of the lock are a must in case of a lock replacement. 

It is advisable to replace your euro cylinder lock if:

– there’s a need for enhancement of the security with an A2P security lock.

– your lock is jam when locking and unlocking the door

– moving houses. Please note, even if all the keys have been returned, it’s a good idea for new occupants to replace the existing locking system for any exterior doors.

– you just want to conform to British safety standards. Really important, some insurance companies specify lock requirements in their policies and a non-regulation lock can invalidate a claim in the event of a break-in;

Rim Cylinder Lock Change

Rim Cylinder locks are commonly used for doors in South East London. The lock itself is not usually replaced, just the key cylinder, which comes separately. Most of the time, it’s a simple job to fit a new rim lock cylinder on a door. Misalignment on fitting can cause misbehavior, but repositioning is trivial. More than that, rim Cylinder locks come in a range of different finishes including satin chrome, satin brass, polished brass, and polished chrome to suit all tastes and preferences. Our 24-hour locksmiths are available to come any time to proceed with any house lock replacement. 

House Lock Replacement: Upgrade to BS

Go to your fitted locks, and see if there is the British Kite Marked stamped on the faceplate. Look just below where the bolt comes out of the lock. For wooden doors, they should also be dated 2007 with BS3621. This British Standard it’s basically guidance in the design of new buildings to make them more accessible. So, when changing or replacing house locks, the locksmiths will apply BS to existing buildings to support their security improvement. 

In our opinion, all exterior doors should be fitted with British Standard Locks BS3621. When faced with common door lock problems like a faulty lock mechanism, seeking a professional locksmith for a replacement lock can ensure the door is secured properly.

Services for House Lock Replacement

– Security inspection and lock change recommendations.

– Lock Change on any door: locks available for any type of security: front door security, rear door security, interior door security, mailbox security, or patio door security.

– Change The Top Lock, Bottom Lock / Locks or the full set of Locks ( for example, the full set of Banham locks)

– Replace or install a fresh new lock on a new door.

– Unlock and replace a garage lock.

Book your Locksmith To Repair door lock

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We are trying to be the fastest locksmith service in the area while maintaining good quality labor. Even if you are locked out or locked inside, you can rest assured that everything will be sorted out in the shortest time. With us, you gain access to your property quickly and you will have your lock changed even quicker! 

Choose what works with your requirements / budget

Whenever you are calling for a service you need to have options. Our locksmith service definitely offers you that on the go! If you are interested in a lock change or a security upgrade, our mobile locksmith has a wide range of locks available on spot. Also, he has all the tools he needs to finish most of the jobs on the first visit. 

Convenient from start to finish

As you can see, our entire service is pretty much straightforward. From a simple phone call or email, you can get sorted at your door. Our mobile locksmith team will make everything easy for you so you can just relax. More than that, because of our online payment option, we can help you with virtual jobs (you don’t have to stay with the locksmith in some cases). Also, we are accepting the majority of payment methods. Most likely, the technician will take care of the payment on the spot via a mobile card machine.

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