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SE Locksmith : 24 hour Emergency Service in South East London Email: [email protected] Call now ( 24hr available ) : 07830431343 07830431343

Looking for a locksmith to help with your Yale Lock? We’ve got you covered. Yale is one of the most popular lock companies in the whole world, and with good reason. Their branding is strong and well-known in the security sector, their logo is recognisable and they provide good quality locks. No wonder why we have plenty of requests for the Yale locks with our emergency locksmith company. Here we will share with you some infos you might be interested in when it comes to Yale and why is it so popular in London.

About the Yale Lock

A Yale lock is a strong, high-quality product. Mostly, it is well known as the most basic security system you can install in your home. In the UK, Yale locks are almost everywhere and we can not recommend them more! It’s a well-made durable lock that has a high level of security. We know that the price tag might seem a little high at first-glance, but it is well worth the money. At the end of the day, you’re paying for an outstanding, high-functioning and extremely useful product. This lock will definitely make a huge difference in your everyday life. And, most importantly, it will keep you secured at all times.

Yale History

The beginnings of Yale are with the company Yale Lock Manufacturing. Everything started in the US, in 1868. Here, the company Yale was founded by Henry R. Towne and Linus Yale Jr. – the latter of whom invented the pin tumbler lock. The tumbler lock is still utilized right across the world today.

Now, Yale it’s still popular and they have some of the best locks on the market. mostly, they are protecting millions of homes and businesses worldwide. Definitely, it is the brand behind all the locks of every design and function in over 125 countries. Also, Yale products have been helping people to be secured since 1840 and it’s a name that truly stands out above the rest.

To give you a better idea of what Yale is all about, here’s some more information on the components behind their locks.

Yale Locks Characteristics

As we said earlier, the Yale locks are really popular because these locks are durable and well designed. Mostly, we would like to mention durability, security function, and design as the top features of this brand. Therefore, we will take them one by one and we will tell you more about each characteristic.


  • Solid brass components help reduce wear and provide smooth operation.
  • Handlesets are designed and tested for rigorous daily use.
  • All products come with a lifetime limited finish and mechanical warranty.

Security and Functions

  • With very few parts, getting started with a Yale lockset is fast and easy.
  • Pre-installed screws on locksets also allow for quick installation.
  • Door knobs are removable for when you need to change your locks.

Versatility and Design

  • Concealed screws on all of Yale’s products give the hardware a clean and polished look.
  • Products come in a wide variety of finishes so that you can create a matching entryway that boosts your curb appeal.
  • From Old World to Contemporary, we’ve organized all of our Yale products by style so that you can quickly find the hardware style that suits your taste.

Traditional Night Latch referred as Yale Lock

Yale has a comprehensive range of night latches suitable for all applications and security needs. This includes locks that meet BS3621 & BS8621. 

Just so you understand the process, here are some details about the lock. A night latch is operated by a key from the outside or a handle on the inside and immediately locks the door, to prevent the door from being left unlocked. More than that, night latches also have an internal button to deadlock the door. This type of lock is often referred to as a Yale lock. Night latch door locks are typically fitted to wooden doors.

So, the night latch ( aka the ,,Yale Lock”) is a lock commonly found on home front doors in the UK; they are mounted to doors that open inwards and mounted to the inner surface of the door. Mostly, night latches are very simple security. They are very easy to use – the lock opens the door with a key and the door is shut behind you.

If you are from London, you may also find a Night latch sometimes referred to as a ‘Yale Lock’ or ‘Rim lock’.

Yale lock misconception

Almost all the brits that are calling us are sure that all their nightlatches are Yale locks. This particular model is perhaps the most well-known of all the brand’s items – to the point that most other night latches, whatever their make – are regularly referred to as “Yale locks”. We understand the confusion but the locksmith is the only one able to identify the actual lock you have fitted on your door.

Mostly, it’s easy to operate a Yale lock or any similar lock – simply use the thumb turn to pull the latch back for regular access from one side (the door will be deadlocked and inaccessible from the other unless you have the key), or push the sliding snub into place to hold the latch back and enable free access from either side. You might have the night latch fitted and can use it on its own or alongside a mortice lock for extra security.

Yale Lock is stuck

Locking and unlocking problems could occur to any type of lock and, of course, the Yale lock is not an exception. All the products are affected by wear and tear. What to do when the key of your Yale lock is stuck in the lock? We can understand that is not a fortunate situation. Moreover, if you are locked outside and the key is stuck in the lock, we have to recommend you to call a locksmith as soon as possible. Most likely, it will be hard for an unexperimented person to take the key out of the lock and open the door as usual.

So, think no more and save yourself some time asking SE Locksmith to come over and help. There’s a big chance for you to need a new lock replacement. If that is the case, our locksmith will be able to come to open the door and replace the lock in minutes. Our locksmiths carry around a wide range of locks with them and they will be able to help with any preference/budget requirement. So, call a professional now. Our locksmiths are available 24 hours.

Yale Lock example

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