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SE Locksmith : 24 hour Emergency Service in South East London Email: [email protected] Call now ( 24hr available ) : 07830431343 07830431343

What To Do First After Moving Into A New House?

Are you planning to move into a new house anytime soon? We all know, moving can be exhausting, time-consuming, and overwhelming. Everything needs to be planned in advance and there’s a lot happening in a short time. There’s so much to do in one day, and if you are not very well organized, it can be a recipe for disaster. Don’t worry, with a list and some appointments you can stay on track and handle the basics easily. So, consider making a checklist of the things to do as you move into your new house.

Check The New House

When you first arrive at your new house, it’s important to make your removal company aware of any special instructions. They need to know all the details about each room so they will have all the necessary boxes available. Use this as an opportunity to declutter your possessions. When you book your removals company, you will need to give an estimate of how many items you’ll be moving. If you’re not sure where, to begin with choosing a removal company you may want to check out the British Association of Removers. Also, make sure that everything on your inventory is accounted for before your moving company leaves. But first things first – find your coffee machine!

Turn on the Utilities

One of the first things you should be thinking few weeks ahead of moving out is the utilities. Before moving into a new house, notify the utility companies of each major provider you use. Think about changing or transferring the gas, water, electrical, trash provider into your name at the new house. The escrow company might transfer county utilities to some localities, so it’s a good idea to inquire about this at closing. Just imagine yourself on the first day in your new house without the essential utilities. You can’t actually start moving without electricity or water – maybe you need to clean up first? We bet you wanna start unpacking boxes in a clean house so start calling as soon as it’s necessary.

Move Your Internet To The New House

In addition to all mentioned already, we wanna insist on moving the Wi-Fi as soon as you can. In the UK the Internet moving takes about 2 weeks or even more when moving house and we are sure you don’t wanna stay without a proper connection in your new home. You might need it for your computers, phones, and tablets or your security system might need it as well. More than that, the digital doorbells use Wi-Fi, too – if you are in this position. The same with home-based apps that turn lights off and on, open garage doors, and water your lawn. Therefore, given how long it can take for technicians to come out, it’s best to plan ahead for Wi-Fi installation.

Change the Locks Of Your New House

One of the major points you have to check when moving house is the lock/locks. An absolute necessary lock change can help you stay secure and safe in the new house. You have no idea how many strangers have the keys to your new home given to them by the previous owner. Previous tenants may keep copies of the keys they used when they lived there. Also, some agents will have a spare if they used to rent out the property. Why should you wanna take any risk? Call a 24-hour locksmith and change your locks when you have the time.

A locksmith can install a deadbolt if your door is missing one. Most mobile locksmiths can do a home visit and they will let you know what’s the level of security of your property. With the initial survey, they will advise you what locks to change and they will provide a few extra keys for the family members. If you wanna be sure you are safe you can try to upgrade the standard level of security. Also, if you wish to make things easier, this is a good time to change all the locks to work with a single key. Keyed alike systems are in high demand and a professional locksmith can help you with this service on the same day. If you are looking for this specific service with a London locksmith, call here and get it sorted: 07830431343.

Plug in the Refrigerator

The appliance that needs to be working when moving in is the refrigerator. Of course, you should be checking all the others (if provided any) but a refrigerator is a must-have when moving into a new house. If you have a refrigerator already in your new house, make sure you have it plugged in one day before moving, if possible. Some people unplug the refrigerator and turn it off before they walk out the door for the last time. More than that, sometimes sellers in the UK leave a little surprise bottle of champagne for the new buyers to celebrate the new milestone. So open the door and have a peek inside – if you don’t have anything inside you should bring your own and keep it refrigerated for a while anyway.

Change Your Mailing Address

If you have moved houses before you might already be aware of all the changes you need to make ahead of moving. The post office lets you change your mailing address online, but expect that they’ll probably mix up mail for a while. To be safe, try and change your mailing address with each of the main services you use directly. For example, change it with your credit card lenders and your bank, and any other important entities you constantly maintain mail contact.

Also, if you’re moving to a new area, you will need to register with a new GP. If not, include your current care providers in the list of places you need to change your address.

Who you should notify of change of address:

  • The local council for council tax purposes
  • Your employer
  • The GP
  • Your utility companies (Gas & Electric, phone and internet providers)
  • The bank
  • The DVLA
  • TV licensing (if using it)
  • Inland Revenue
  • Electoral Roll (updating your registration)
  • your insurance providers

Don’t forget to change your address with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Get updated licenses for all drivers and registrations for your vehicles.

Meet the Neighbors

Here is the exciting part: a new place means new potential fun friends. Your neighbors will hopefully pop up at your door to meet you, but otherwise, invite them over if you spot them eyeing you as you’re unloading boxes. Not everyone will walk over and introduce themselves, especially in London where the people and their cultures are so diverse. If you wanna make a good impression with your neighbors start with making a special effort to remember names. Everyone appreciates when you are addressing them.

Quick tips for new home owners:

  • Move as soon as you can and try to sort things out when you are there. Don’t rush any major remodels until you’ve lived in the house for a while. Take it slow, settle in, and exist with the place as-is for a time. After a while, your opinion of exactly how things ought to be changed might be radically different 12 to 18 months from now after you’ve lived with existing flaws.
  • A good moving tip: try and schedule the move in the middle of the month, and in the middle of the week. You’ll save on costs, which typically peak on weekends and around the first of the month or the end of the month.

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